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How to register a effective complaint on Pakistan Citizen Portal?

You have a complaint to register against on Pakistan Citizen Portal.. In this step by step guide I will tell you how you can register you complaint.

Things you need to register a complaint on the portal.

First of all let us start with the things you need.

  1. A smart phone Android or iOS
  2. Your CNIC
  3. A phone number registered on your CNIC

Download Pakistan Citizen Portal App

First of all on your phone go to app on Playstore or on iOS.

You can also search the app in Play Store Simply write “Pakistan Citizen Portal” and click search.

Install the app from play store.

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How darwan’s evolution is shaping our current 4000 year old human population.

One Question that always stay in my mind is this.

How darwan’s evolution is shaping our current 4000 year old human population, specially with non genetic inheritance which we talk about later.

From an evolutionary perspective the question is which genes are getting selected over time to reach most influential places of Human Population.

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My Journey through the world of online businesses

In March 2012 I got proper access to internet for the 1st time. By June 2012 I had made a blogger blog. I had envisioned a question and class portal for MCAT studies.

After 1st Prof in 2013 I registered my first domain medicalentrytest.com For my entry test portal website I had no funds so I started taking more online jobs. I earned about 500$ in full 6 months

I invested that money in portal and got it ready in 2014 entrytestclass.com I learnt wordpress , I learnt html , css and some php. I established Elance and Upwork presence and did that as full time I was making about 400$ a month. 6 month ended.

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Pakistan Citizen’s Portal Complaint, Does it really work?

A few months back Imran Khan launched Pakistan Citizen’s Portal. The portal is intended to solve complaints about any department of the PTI government. However, does it Citizen’s Portal really work?

So one of my friends and I went on the journey to find out. First, we identified a problem which was there for years. It was long queues and corruption being done at passport office of my hometown.

So we went to the passport office checked if the problem is still there and then launched the complaint in Pakistan Citizen’s Portal as follows

Corruption Complaint in Pakistan Citizen’s Portal :

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has your teacher told you this?

I was reading a story in Yahoo finance, About Polk who was making millions of $ at wall street but suddenly he left everything and founded a charity Organization Groceryships. Polk’s story was interesting but I don’t have time for that, I want to tell you about Groceryships he started, and it is very interesting.

Groceryships helps those Obese people who are poor, The non-profit Organization helps them to become thin by buying them vegetables, diet plans etc.

I don’t know from where Polk got that idea, but I think he wanted to do something different, so many non-profits working in America, and almost everyone was covered so Polk found that Poor Obese people are not…

Bill Gates is another example he left Harvard University in 2nd year and founded Microsoft but later he realized there is something more important than money and founded Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation (Melinda is his wife.). You would be thinking this article is about charity Organizations , I wish it was but it is about something more important.

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How to tell your parents if a boy truly loves a girl

One of our Brother / Sister asked :

I just read your post regarding valentines day. its really good. you mention in your post that if a boy truly love a girl, then he should talk to his parents about that girl. But my question is that, in our society it is very common and most of the time obvious that parents don’t support their children in such kind of matter. Most of the parents just ignore their kids thought, just because of life standard or some personal ego. It would be great if you can write about Love marriage with the consent of parents in the light of Islamic values and Sunna. And i appreciate your work for this blog. May ALLAH PAK bless you. AMMEN

Assalam O Alaikum wa rehmatullah,

First of all praise to Allah who is all knowing and whomever He leads no body can diverge him and whomever He diverges no body can help him.

Regarding Your Question

In our society most parents don’t really understand what their children want to convey.

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Valentine’s day in Islam , Find your Valentine

Both of them were sitting on the rooftop of a restaurant. Hafeez presented a gift, chocolates and roses to Aleeza who was pleased and excited too. Hafeez was admiring her beauty and expressing his so called love for Aleeza. Both were in love from head to toe.
Same is the case in our society where doubtlessly teenagers call it “love”?

Let’s clarify the concept of real love and worth of Valentine’s day.

The Arabic word “Insan” is used in Quran for humans, The word takes its origin from “Uns” which means “To love”. So firstly Humans have the ability to love. In fact, humans are meant for love. We can show love for other humans, animals, we can love money , even toys and you can love yourself as well. Read more

haceri muallak (Rock of Muallak Truth about its extistence

I always wondered about rock suspended in air everyone talks about associated with Miraj. The Prophet started his ascend from that rock. It is called Hacer-i Muallâk (Rock of Muallâk), the photo shows haceri muallak (Rock of Muallâk).

Now there is an image ascribed as Hacer-i Muallâk (Rock of Muallâk) . Even one of the famous Kokab Norani showed that on PTV during Ramdan. which probably was added by editing tea who took image from internet.

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Ask your parents for a gift this Eid

My cousin asked me question about it, I didn’t know the answer. So I though I will ask it someone, when I started asking, the topic went on.

In society you can find 10% to 20% people saying prayers regularly and about 80% not very regular but 99% people don’t pay Zakat. We really need to spread awareness about it. Allah says in Holy Quran

By time, indeed, mankind is in loss, except for those who have believed and done righteous deeds and advised each other to truth and advised each other to patience.

(103 : 1-3)

And when it comes advising each other, the advising starts from home and there is no restriction of age, It is our duty that we make sure that our parents pay their zakat.
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The girl who lived near a river

A girl whom no human ever saw except for her father.  The girl was still happy  because everyday she had friends with her , coming all over to drink from river.

The life was happy there the voice of water and fish in river  everything was so perfect  One day the girl throught she will leave  This place and go to city  to see other people and to make new friends  She left the house with her father and they started living  in a city.

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