How darwan’s evolution is shaping our current 4000 year old human population.

One Question that always stay in my mind is this.

How darwan’s evolution is shaping our current 4000 year old human population, specially with non genetic inheritance which we talk about later.

From an evolutionary perspective the question is which genes are getting selected over time to reach most influential places of Human Population.

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Best use of chocolate

I always have bad habits with me, I am not perfect. I never will become perfect. People care about money, everyone wants more money and nobody loves to lose it. I had the kind of bad attitude toward money and I never gave a shit to it.

The bad habit I want to tell you today, is about losing coins. Coins were not there when I was born. There used to be note for even one and two rupees. And when they came as a child, I was never able to learn how to handle coins? So I always kept on losing them.

So silly habit, it was, Well, it doesn’t matter if you lose coins. 5 Rupee coins you can’t buy anything out of it.

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I sold eggs on a Bus Station

Eggs Boiled


Today  23rd March Pakistan day , it is 11:00 PM and It is raining outside and I am home from bus station after selling eggs.

Hassan Shahbaz Chief Editor of our magazine New Direction came in Lahore and we had a splendid time together.

I went to see him off on Faisal movers terminal, the bus was late and it started raining heavily so I had no choice but stay there for sometime.

I saw a 9 year old Ali begging, I am not going to tell you his story and about death of his father etc , and How he knows How to get home at 11:00 PM alone ,, I am not telling you this because I have a more interesting one to tell.

He was a 5 year old , and just asked us do you want an egg? I said no instantly, then I asked that cute little kid , Do you go school ?

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Free your mind from your favorite Political Party (for 5 minutes)

These days a Political party is celebrating Sindh Festival, and you can see its advertisement on all News channels .These festivals are “invention” of another political party. A few days back I was coming home from bus stop around 2:00 PM , I saw adverts of Youth festival, and they were all over the place, hundreds of them on roads of Lahore.

I completely agree sports are very helping, to have a sound mind, but just a random thought came what is more important sports or education ? The advertisements on TV? Have Provincial governments ever started a campaign about education? One I know was started by Geo TV Zarra Sochae.

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