My Journey through the world of online businesses

In March 2012 I got proper access to internet for the 1st time. By June 2012 I had made a blogger blog. I had envisioned a question and class portal for MCAT studies.

After 1st Prof in 2013 I registered my first domain For my entry test portal website I had no funds so I started taking more online jobs. I earned about 500$ in full 6 months

I invested that money in portal and got it ready in 2014 I learnt wordpress , I learnt html , css and some php. I established Elance and Upwork presence and did that as full time I was making about 400$ a month. 6 month ended.

Now it was 4th year, My agency was booming with clients and I had plans and sketches for the future of entry test studies. Then my first fall came, I started a job that took away everything I built, I earned about 900$ a month. That money was helpful but it came with restrictions, misery and suffering.

Then Final year came the whole business had stopped, I had nothing left with except for empty profiles. I learnt life changing lessons during that time.

1. when you are struggling people will be least interested in your work. It is usually lonely sleepless nights and backaches that you go through alone.

2. Your success is welcomed and celebrated however at the same time everyone else wants to be successful with a shortcut.

3. True friends are rare to find, however I am glad I found a few or rather they found me.

4. Every ending is a possibility for a new start .

5. You have to let go of the past because no matter how much you try it never changes.

My journey didn’t end there however what I did next is a story for another time.

Dr Waqar Akram
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