haceri muallak (Rock of Muallak Truth about its extistence

I always wondered about rock suspended in air everyone talks about associated with Miraj. The Prophet started his ascend from that rock. It is called Hacer-i Muallâk (Rock of Muallâk), the photo shows haceri muallak (Rock of Muallâk).

Now there is an image ascribed as Hacer-i Muallâk (Rock of Muallâk) . Even one of the famous Kokab Norani showed that on PTV during Ramdan. which probably was added by editing tea who took image from internet.

Fake Haceri muallak

That image is not the right rock of Muallak.

flying stone in Palestine haceri muallak

Rock of Muallak which means “the suspending rock”

As believed, this is the rock from which Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) ascended to Meraj. In widest the rock is 18 meters and 13, 5 meter is in the narrowest. On the rock, there are descending stairs which lead to an empty cavity of 1, 5 meters height and 4, 5 meters of width and length.

When the dome observed from inside the rock it gives the impression as though the rock was hanging in the air and that is why it is given the name Hacer-i Muallak.

Real haceri muallak

I just wanted to share this so the true image spreads and right aspect of this Islamic stone comes out.

Please show the image to your local Imam as well, so they start describing it very precisely and people are not mislead by internet anymore.

Dr Waqar Akram
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