Ask your parents for a gift this Eid

My cousin asked me question about it, I didn’t know the answer. So I though I will ask it someone, when I started asking, the topic went on.

In society you can find 10% to 20% people saying prayers regularly and about 80% not very regular but 99% people don’t pay Zakat. We really need to spread awareness about it. Allah says in Holy Quran

By time, indeed, mankind is in loss, except for those who have believed and done righteous deeds and advised each other to truth and advised each other to patience.

(103 : 1-3)

And when it comes advising each other, the advising starts from home and there is no restriction of age, It is our duty that we make sure that our parents pay their zakat.

When Zakat becomes Farz

Nisab is 7.5 tola Gold “Or” 52.5 tola silver, The word used in Hadith is or, therefore if someone has cash equal to 52.5 tola silver that is Rs. 40000 and an year has passed over it, he will have to pay zakat.

If someone has multiple cars or houses and they are not used in routine, zakat is Farz on that as well.

Lastly If someone’s account balance is above Nisab for whole year but varies it would be preferable if you pay the highest but paying on the average is farz.

Whom to Pay Zakat,

1. Look for your poor relatives first, If there is someone who is very poor among your relatives you should pay him.

2. Look for someone around you, your neighbor. someone working at your home who is poor.

And there are other places as well, but these two are the most preferred one, Lastly someone said Find someone whom you can give zakat like you are thirsty to death and looking for water, and after paying zakat be happy like you would be happy on finding water.

Zakat is a gift for the poor, and It is obligatory to give it. Please talk to your parents about it, If you can ask them for a mobile phone or a camera or a car , I think you can easily ask them for paying zakat. It is just a question

“Abu jee, wo main nain puchna tha hm nain is sal zakat ada kr di he ?”

In Shaa Allah we will make sure our parents pay zakat.

May Allah help us to give zakat over the years to come.

Allah knows the Best.

Dr Waqar Akram
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