The girl who lived near a river

A girl whom no human ever saw except for her father.  The girl was still happy  because everyday she had friends with her , coming all over to drink from river.

The life was happy there the voice of water and fish in river  everything was so perfect  One day the girl throught she will leave  This place and go to city  to see other people and to make new friends  She left the house with her father and they started living  in a city.

Soon she started changing herself.  Her nature which was so perfect and untouched qas getting affected by the people around her. The compassion was there but the sense of hate came.  The love was there but the urge to be loved back came was new. The friends she had in jungle never did anything for her and now she wanted her friends to be good to her.  She was a free soul she did whatever she wanted but now she has to live to the standards of society.  The sense of  shame she had was transformed a little bit everyday. She never lost it but adjusted it. Adjusted it to match her new society. soon she realized things which are good are largely decided by people ariund her and no herself.   If her friends and family think something to be good and ok she thinks it to be good and right. If I was able to wdit this story I would have said she left the father in the jungle because she never listened to her.  Father gave her a guide book though.


The Golden Standards of Living  She never opened it.  She never understood it. She didn’t follow it.  And soon she found herself humilated,and worried or sometime a false sense of happiness which could  vanished any time.


The girl in story is the example of human.  and like the girl had the father with her but never talked with him.   same is the case we have Allah with human and we have Allah with us but we never talk to him in Namaz.

The story ends.

Dr Waqar Akram
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