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I always have bad habits with me, I am not perfect. I never will become perfect. People care about money, everyone wants more money and nobody loves to lose it. I had the kind of bad attitude toward money and I never gave a shit to it.

The bad habit I want to tell you today, is about losing coins. Coins were not there when I was born. There used to be note for even one and two rupees. And when they came as a child, I was never able to learn how to handle coins? So I always kept on losing them.

So silly habit, it was, Well, it doesn’t matter if you lose coins. 5 Rupee coins you can’t buy anything out of it.

One day while I was standing at a shop buying something for my family, I saw a poor boy there, his dirty but cute face. His filthy yet elegant clothes. Overall, I can say his poor but graceful personality. I remember it all, How is it possible to be dirty and cute, to be wearing filthy yet elegant clothes? I will come back to this later, but first let me tell you, The shopkeeper gave me a 5 rupee coin.

I thought to myself, I am going to lose it in a day or two. What is the Best use of it? Buy a

ChocolateChocolate. I bought a chocolate, I love chocolate, It was for me and I was going to eat it. Then I realized I can eat chocolates any time and the most expensive ones. That Kid stands right next to me, I don’t know for how long he has not eaten a chocolate. Probably he can’t eat a chocolate for months or for some kids it can be years. I gave him the chocolate….

The child was surprised, but he took the chocolate from my hand and then a beautiful smile. I smile him back and when I leave I was thinking How I loved eating chocolates from our own shop. I always had plenty of them. Sometimes even bags around me. How poor that child was…. Can’t be sure, but I think he never ate a chocolate in the last few weeks.

There is no way we can change things for those kids, It is hard to get them to school. Do we do what we can do? How much it takes to buy a chocolate here? 5 Rupee coins, and That Chocolate can buy you a beautiful smile. There are other uses of chocolates, Like cutting a chocolate cake on your birthday, Sending some chocolates to her on valentines day but in my opinion, it is the best use of chocolates, buying a smile for every chocolate you give.

How that child was dirty yet cute? How his clothes has been filthy yet elegant? Is it possible? No. If you judge it on definition of cute and elegant fed into your brain by society. It is not possible at all, but if you open your heart and try to find what really cuteness means, what really the elegance means, You will see, it lies in heart neither in faces, nor in the clothes and a child’s heart is the cutest of all and the most elegant of all.


Dr Waqar Akram
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  1. Javeria Saeed
    Javeria Saeed says:

    ,everytime … well same thing happened to me when i was heading home after buying some stuff from a store ,with my sister .A very cold night .I bought some marshmallow candies for my brother and cousins(one for myself :v) and the shopkeeper said ''beta han is thand men yeh khao bht acha lagta ha '' , while heading back i saw a kid , he was selling eggs … he looked liked just a little angel ,very young … i stopped and asked my sister to wait , i went after him , asked him to stopped and he thought i wanted to buy sth from him .. i gave him the one i bought for myself … he was just starring at me , he was in shock ! well his cute little shocked face brought a smile on my face and then i walked away ,when i got back home ,gave everyone the candies ,(i knew i gave away mine) … i noticed that there was still 1 left ! and i have no idea where that come from(now i was the shocked one ) …


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