Free your mind from your favorite Political Party (for 5 minutes)

These days a Political party is celebrating Sindh Festival, and you can see its advertisement on all News channels .These festivals are “invention” of another political party. A few days back I was coming home from bus stop around 2:00 PM , I saw adverts of Youth festival, and they were all over the place, hundreds of them on roads of Lahore.

I completely agree sports are very helping, to have a sound mind, but just a random thought came what is more important sports or education ? The advertisements on TV? Have Provincial governments ever started a campaign about education? One I know was started by Geo TV Zarra Sochae.

Bilawal said today

“Sindh festival represents the true culture of Pakistan.”

I want to tell him , Come in Lahore and during school time walk on any main road of Lahore for just 100 meters on any main road.

I guarantee, You will find at least 3 children collecting garbage, 5 working in a shop, welding , making furniture , selling fruits and sadly 2 you will find begging.

Remember we are visiting roads when it is School time . why are they not in schools ? has any body started a campaign for it. Has governments advertised awareness for education the way they did for Youth festivals.

I don’t want to write about votes, and targeting youth. I don’t want to make this article political. This is for the kids you have seen on road.

And I want to say if you ever find a dirty face poor child on road, just talk to him and give him a smile and see how cute he is from heart. It is possible for us to take everyone of them to a school but if you can do it for at least one kid. Allah will reward you for this.

Thanks for reading

Dr Waqar Akram
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    • Waqar Akram
      Waqar Akram says:

      The post is about poor children and their education, I am trying to say , If we can’t take a child to a school, we should at least spend some time with him and try to bring a smile on his face.

      • afifa sami
        afifa sami says:

        still whats need to free my mind from my “fav political party”. it wud definitly b better if i join sm political party,, get power and promote education 😉

        • Waqar Akram
          Waqar Akram says:

          That is a nice thought but otherwise If I haven’t said that people wouldn’t even read this because they will think I am going against their favorite political party.


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