One Question that always stay in my mind

How darwan’s evolution is shaping our current 4000 year old human population, specially with non genetic inheritance which we talk about later.
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Islamic Loan for companies

I have developed an Islamic way of borrowing for small businesses.
This is how it happens, A person gives you money as a loan and you give them a % of profits or loss of your company for the duration of time.
For example, Person A gives you a 0.5 million loan for a 2% share in the profits/loss of the company for 6 months.
You can calculate your company’s profit or loss monthly and pay that person if it is a profit, and if it is a loss you can write it down. After 6 months you return the loan amount minus the loss. or extend the agreement for another 6 months.
It works very well for companies that are in sectors with minimum risks. Please let me know your thoughts I am looking forward to your comments 🙂

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Praying in a mosque

I once went to pray in another sect’s mosque. I asked them about the way they pray and I tried to pray like them. I was very nice to them and they were nice to me. However, at the end imam, shb asked me who are you? what do u do? I gave a general answer nothing specific. Then he asked me “Show me your wallet how much money you have” (why we judge people based on their financial status.) I had some 40 rupees in it. Though before imam shb could say anything I showed him my bank cards and the whole congregation smiled. I wasn’t allowed to enter the mosque the next morning. We have become so intolerant that we don’t see people praying in each other’s mosques. We don’t even want to share our beliefs. we should become more tolerant.

میں ایک دفعہ دوسرے فرقے کی مسجد میں نماز پڑھنے گیا۔ میں ان کے ساتھ بہت اچھا تھا اور وہ میرے لیے اچھے تھے۔ البتہ آخر میں امام نے مجھ سے پوچھا کہ تم کون ہو؟ آپ کیا کرتے ہو؟ میں نے عمومی جواب دیا کچھ خاص نہیں۔ پھر اس نے مجھ سے پوچھا “مجھے بتاؤ کہ تمہارے پاس کتنا پیسہ ہے” (ہم لوگوں کو ان کی مالی حیثیت کی بنیاد پر کیوں فیصلہ کرتے ہیں۔) میرے پاس اس میں 40 روپے تھے۔ اگرچہ امام صاحب کچھ کہنے سے پہلے میں نے اسے اپنے بینک کارڈ دکھائے اور پوری جماعت مسکرا دی۔ مجھے اگلی صبح مسجد میں داخل ہونے کی اجازت نہیں تھی۔

Lahore Riots art

Lahore Trouble in Ramadan

In the last few days, Imran Khan’s Govt has made so many mistakes regarding their dealing with TLP.
Today was the worst day when Police opened fire on TLP.
While I disagree with the methods of TLP but what do you expect from them?
There are deaths on both sides, there is still time to handle this with maturity. Otherwise, there will be more deaths in the Holy Month of Ramadan.

Elections on a Secure Social Media Platform

Pakistan citizen portal sending notifications for surveys about flour prices. I had a vision 3 years back of a social network where you can even cast your votes, vote on policies, do referendums and census, etc.
One day we will see all of this, In Shaa Allah.


Facebook Post: Elections on Social Media


Instead of NLE if we introduce a passing criteria that every 10 students will have to publish a research paper in an international journal.
That would have been much better for learning of medical students.

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Caliph of Islam

Present Caliph of Islam
Please do report this misleading result but it is time to think about establishing our own Islam’s way of democracy.
Please note our reporting this message will give us ajar, even if it doesn’t result in the removal of this.
Facebook Post: Caliph of Islam

Right to Vote

Maybe The right to vote is not a born right. It should be rather a right earned through information.
A specific qualification should be introduced with a 3 to 4 years curriculum. Then a test should determine if a person satisfies the requirements to be a voter.
If we can have good voters, we can only have good rulers. Just May be??

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Finally I write what is bogeyman

A lot of people called me mad, contacted my parents and wife that I have gone crazy, why I am posting this weird stuff about a one eyed keen looking character.
I asked my brother that why didn’t u study quran from the Hafiz I arranged to teach u home. You know what he answered. after 15 mins of drilling down finally he said I am shy of him looking at my disability.
This the bogeyman we all live with, we are shy of people looking at something that is not our fault and passing a judgement. You are black or brown or white, you have a beautiful face or not, you are rich or poor. People will always make opinions and then express them in gosip which creates huge bogeyman inside you. This bogeyman limits your abilities and prevent you exploring and reaching your potential.
This is the bogeyman I fight with, the bogeyman I write about and this is the bogeyman I want all of you to defeat so that you can reach our TP, your true potential, the things you were capable to do if you were a Human AI 🤓
what is Human AI? that is an article for another day.


These are all the books I studied to graduate through College. When I got out I had NO knowledge of following
1. No knowledge of paying taxes
2. Clinic Registration
3. Renting a space
4. Finding good locations for clinic.
5. Which options are better for my future career.
6. No Financial knowledge
7. where to get a loan for my clinic.
8. Many Many more essential things.
College makes us good doctors but fails to teach us basics of life, we have to change how education works. Colleges should equip people with skills to be successful in all areas of life. Specially for female students it is a nightmare to learn all this, so most just leave the profession completely.