Old Rickshaw Driver

Every Morning we sit in front of kemu and wait, kids come and go on a car and we look at their faces and then wait again.
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Taxi driver

By far the cutest, most curteous Careem captain I ever had, He is from swat and every sentence he says is a prayer for me.
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Distribution of free food

someone told me in Gulshan e Ravi there is a man who comes with a big daigja and puts banner of free food.
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Official Cobler

In 2004 I was given the status of Official Cobler of KEMU Boys Hostel. I am very happy about it , it saved me from army which used to check hostels in Musharif era. 🙂
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Importance of money for health

If I tell u I need a doctor today but I don’t have money to afford a doctor or medicine. how will u my friends feel about it ? how will my parents feel about it?
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Hardworking Oldman

After 12 hours of hectic duty. I am going back home.
After serving best doctors of Pakistan, I am going back home.
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Kind Professor

Alhamdulilah ❤ Prof Khalid Masood Gondal shb was very kind and he was amused with somewhat controversial Facebook posts I did about him. I apologize truly for doing that in public instead of a private meeting.
Prof Khalid shb has agreed to help, Wali Khan from Hostel fund and directed me to meet Prof Irshad shb about this.
Thank u sir Arshad Siddiqui for taking this matter seriously and guiding me.

Sometimes assets are advices

Sometimes assets are advices.
My Father taught me honesty as a kid, Now I am finding someone to teach me perseverance.
Advice by Prof Khalid Masood Gondal.

I wonder how people sleep with no money

Part 3/3
I wonder how people sleep with no money, no mobile phone, nothing but a tired body, no pillow , no soft mattress.
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These homeless but not heartless people

Part 2/3
These homeless but not heartless people, I wonder what they think while looking at the stars.
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