Finally I write what is bogeyman

A lot of people called me mad, contacted my parents and wife that I have gone crazy, why I am posting this weird stuff about a one eyed keen looking character.
I asked my brother that why didn’t u study quran from the Hafiz I arranged to teach u home. You know what he answered. after 15 mins of drilling down finally he said I am shy of him looking at my disability.
This the bogeyman we all live with, we are shy of people looking at something that is not our fault and passing a judgement. You are black or brown or white, you have a beautiful face or not, you are rich or poor. People will always make opinions and then express them in gosip which creates huge bogeyman inside you. This bogeyman limits your abilities and prevent you exploring and reaching your potential.
This is the bogeyman I fight with, the bogeyman I write about and this is the bogeyman I want all of you to defeat so that you can reach our TP, your true potential, the things you were capable to do if you were a Human AI 🤓
what is Human AI? that is an article for another day.
Dr Waqar Akram
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