Pakistan should launch a cryptocurrency and launch it in major crypto exchanges as world’s first national crypto currency by a major country it will sell in Millions and make big news.
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How will AI learn cause and affect ?

So my idea is that finding the cause and affect for AI is to look at how humans learn it.
We are told somethings as absolute truths by other humans.
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The new prime minister:

As I will explain later the parliament stays. This is only for the new Prime minister. Today I propose a new way of Selecting a prime minister. You heard it right.

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Family effects

When you have a family, the fundamental difference is that your purposes, meaning of happiness, goals all change completely.
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More insights of Pakistan Health system.

This is 2nd part of my experience in Mayo emergency. Here are some good things I realized
1. It is free which is a really good thing.

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My Painful Experience of Pakistan Health System

4 days back I had sever acute abdominal pain, and went to Mayo emergency wearing whatever shalwar qameez I woke up in,
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Power of Question

In My final year, there was a time when We were taught by this superior intellect AI 🤓.
One day he asked question to the class and a friend answered it. Same day I asked him a question.

United the nation

So everything happened like 1992, now the last thing that 1992 did was.
“United the nation”
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reading for knowledge

This lad is commendable beacuse he is reading for knowledge.
Our problem is that we stopped reading for knowledge. If we start reading for knowledge then we will achieve a lot.

Water for Birds

This Man is putting water on birds so that they don’t feel the heat.
Birds come close to him so he can put water on them.

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