when you run out of money – A day with little budget


Money, and a lot of money. Everyone needs more money because it gives us more enjoyment and more power. That ultimately brings happiness. But what happens when you run out of money? Yesterday was a holiday because of Kashmir day. So I just threw my wallet away and put up all my money in my pocket. And what happened next is obvious, I grabbed my empty wallet and forgot the money.

Before you read more I want to tell

you what ever you read today doesn’t represent me. (Because it represents Waqar out of money.)

The day went verse , as I missed the K.E bus as well, Now standing at the bus stop without a single rupee. I always give full fair but today I had no choice but to use my student card. I managed to get a seat in a van and I saw my friend Arslan was already sitting there as he missed the bus just like me . I said my friend because he paid my fair 🙂

So sitting in the van I was thinking, a few days back my Best friend took 50 rupees from me so Today I am going to ask him to pay me back. Another one took 100! Yes! No, but that was way back so I can’t ask him to pay me back. And I reached university.

The first thing I did was to get my 50 rupees, I could have asked him for more, but I didn’t because I wanted to see what happens. A whole day ahead and I was with just 50 rupees , even kid takes a 100 as pocket money . All my fault as I forgot the money now I was supposed to survive the day . The situation was horrible when I saw my tennis racket was losing grip so I was supposed to buy a scotch tape. In usual days it is not problem 15 rupees, and you buy it, but today it was the 30 % of my Budget. But if I don’t buy it, we can’t play lawn Tennis…. So At last I decided I will buy it, I am left with 35 Rupees.

It was 11:45 PM and I was feeling hungry, again thinking what should I eat that would be within budget. At that time a boy 10 years old came and begged me for money . He was barefooted. I became mean, ok, I became a lot mean, I thought I just have 35 rupees and If I give him something I would be short of budget. I will come back to this boy at the end.

I was hungry, I went to canteen and wanted to buy a toffee so I don’t feel hunger as sweets suppress hunger. To my dismay, there were no toffees there, because they don’t know someone can run out of money like me. I bought a 15 rupee “Kurkure ” and ate it .

Coming back home wasn’t easy, I grabbed the van and paid 10 instead of a full fair as I usually do. Then I realized why other students pay 10 or don’t pay. I always hated such people, now I got some justification of their act after experiencing the shortage of money. I just gave up at the end as it is raining these days in Lahore and rest of Punjab. I grabbed a ‘rickshaw’ from van stop (Rs 80) and came home. Got my Dear money back and paid him.

Today I experienced it. How it feels like when you are hungry and you don’t have money to buy food. And Imagine how would that feel your whole family is hungry and you don’t have money? There are people who live like this, people who have lost the money race. People born poor.

I want you, to get something from this. Remember the boy asking for money. When we have money, we usually neglect those people, we don’t help them. But Today I wasn’t neglecting them, Allah temporarily took away my ability to help them. So, If Allah has empowered you, then you should help those people.

When I came home mother was cooking ‘Gajjar Halwa’ and ‘Chicken’ both my favorite. They were worth the hunger. Mothers know everything even when you are hungry, even when you run out of money. They just know it all.

Dr Waqar Akram
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