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Use Headphones.: If u are going to listen to anything today listen this , He shocked me, 48 Years in Kemu. This is random, not planned at all.
I didn’t capture the next conversation, this is what he said. I have 6 daughters and I have got them married. I have 2 sons they study. when asked about home he promptly said when earthquake came students from kemu helped rebuild his home. Before it was made of mud, then they built with cement, I am happy.
he still hasn’t retired. I sat down with him and slowly I was able to feel that he is tired, He did mention at one point he will accept a home.
He doesn’t have a home in lahore, If 5000 Graduates of kemu donate 2000 rupee per person, we can buy him a home in Lahore and help him retire with honor. KEMU students will lose someone to mend their shoes after 48 years but I think it is about time for him to rest and be content. I am sorry to Tag u all , but support this cause, tag more people.
Dr Waqar Akram
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