The Women's Day

The women’s day

Today is the 8th of March u all know the world celebrates women’s day, giving and, yup, rightly talking about women’s rights.
.Rights are a very cool subject and, of course, very pleasing to have; when u talk about rights, the first difficulty we find is WHO IS GOING TO DEFINE RIGHTS well, that’s a really difficult thing because where someone’s rights end, other’s get a start from there,

U really just have to take a few steps and the Best book talking about rights is right in our home, THE HOLY QURAN, open it,4th Chapter “THE WOMEN” defining almost 90% of rights for women from the right of living, to inheritance from both husband and father, and from the right of the second marriage to the right of being respected by Muslim men (bowing their eyes down)
And the most hurtful thing is women hardly have these rights while they have the right to do commercials, to be on each and every sign board, attract customers for shops, and well, that’s what the struggle has been for??? I would suggest every woman read Holy Quran, know her true rights and Grab them all don’t compromise a single one.
You are really the pride of a nation, and napoleon is quite right in saying this.
Give me good mothers, I will be giving you a strong nation.

Dr Waqar Akram
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