The new prime minister:

As I will explain later the parliament stays. This is only for the new Prime minister. Today I propose a new way of Selecting a prime minister. You heard it right.

We have to select a prime minister after all it is most important job in the country.

I propose a competitive exam to be held after intermediate + 2 year Pre program Subjects. Anyone from the country should be allowed to sit in this competitive exam. The subjects of 2 pre program classes should include all the key areas a prime minister has to know about when in Govt.
The competitive exam should be VERY well designed to test a candidate thoroughly on these areas with deep conceptual understanding.
There should be a set a number of shortlisted candidates 15 all below age 25. After shortlisting, a Prime Minister Hogwards should be their new home for next 15 years. Where they will taught extensively about everything current affairs, History, Future objectives etc etc. Complete Background check and honesty should also be judged in this period.
After 15 years of training, study, practical and examinations. The best 3 should be sent to last prime minster for selection for the post of Vice Prime Minister.
Vice prime minister will stay with prime minister on every tour and meeting for next 10 years. Then Finally he will become the prime minister at age 45 ready to do the JOB perfectly.
For next 10 year that person should stay prime minister and given goals to achieve. At the end of tenure he should be thoroughly evaluated for performace, before being allowed to retire and leave country.
The parliament will still be elected and will be making laws, some advisors will still be chosen from Parliament. However this will bring a system of accountability, honesty and High intellectual leaders for the country. However process of selecting a Prime minister should be engraved in constitution.
The inspiration to write this post comes from this video,
Yes democracy doesn’t work.
Dr Waqar Akram
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