Tanker Explosion

This was written on August 7 2017, I took this photo the same day. I hope you can recall the incident from the short article below.
I heard a child’s last cry, as his skin melted down in flames. I saw a woman suffocate with the smoke of her cloths. I saw a labourer burn while his children watched him die.
I still stand here , telling the story of a nation, that suffers disaster after disaster. From Terrorists, to road accidents , to flames, to cylinder explosions , to fly over killing poor children and as I wrote there came a flash news , 3 children drowned in a “Nala”, their bodies have been taken out.
All of these incidents have a pattern , that u can trace back to many little factors. A few of those are Lack of systems, lack of safety measures, dishonesty , many many more.
But Most important is lack of education, by education people will recognize how precious their life is , and how risky these situations are. With systems we can save lives , we can save families.
Dr Waqar Akram
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