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Pakistan Debt Problem

Can Bitcoin and Blockchain solve Pakistan debt problem?

In 1998 Google was a piece of paper written by a Phd Student. Fast forward in 20 years it has a market cap of 300 Billion $ with an annual revenue almost more than Pakistan’s Budget about 8 Billion $. I can give countless examples not just Facebook, Amazon, the well-known even medium sized cybersecurity companies which are doing very well. More about this later first let us look at what is Pakistan’s debt and Can Bitcoin and Blockchain solve Pakistan debt problem?

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How to register a effective complaint on Pakistan Citizen Portal?

You have a complaint to register against on Pakistan Citizen Portal.. In this step by step guide I will tell you how you can register you complaint.

Things you need to register a complaint on the portal.

First of all let us start with the things you need.

  1. A smart phone Android or iOS
  2. Your CNIC
  3. A phone number registered on your CNIC

Download Pakistan Citizen Portal App

First of all on your phone go to app on Playstore or on iOS.

You can also search the app in Play Store Simply write “Pakistan Citizen Portal” and click search.

Install the app from play store.

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3rd generation of Pakistan

My AI picked up this random data in an article.
This 3rd generation of Pakistan became detached to Pakistan, its nationalism, its economy, its politics and decided to move out in bulks.
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Pakistan Citizen’s Portal Complaint, Does it really work?

A few months back Imran Khan launched Pakistan Citizen’s Portal. The portal is intended to solve complaints about any department of the PTI government. However, does it Citizen’s Portal really work?

So one of my friends and I went on the journey to find out. First, we identified a problem which was there for years. It was long queues and corruption being done at passport office of my hometown.

So we went to the passport office checked if the problem is still there and then launched the complaint in Pakistan Citizen’s Portal as follows

Corruption Complaint in Pakistan Citizen’s Portal :

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