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$$$ 5 Rupees to weigh yourself $$$

Minar e Pakistan All gates closed these days because of terrorism , except the eastern gate. Though be happy because Badshahi Mosque is not open for visitors either.
When I entered in Iqbal Park , I saw this and my first thought was like
“A new way of Begging” then I said aloud ” Yar Zaiquo Mein Yoosha “
which thought was right, better you decide,
I wanted to interview this person but I went away because we were short of time, I don’t want this post to be about terrorism but even the perimeter of Minar e Pakistan was fenced. So after a little while we were coming back and I saw this again and this time with ample time.
I just noticed there was something wrong with his eyes and when I said Assalam O Alaikum , I come to know he was blind,
I wonder “How he tells the weight?” So I just went on to machine, and actually machine speaks up the weight for him. I was happy to see 66 on screen Yeah the perfect BMI of 21 on 66 Kg.
My friend weighed himself and we paid him 10 rupees.
I asked him, who told you this He said there is a Institute in Kot Laqhpat , they taught us and then helped us to learn this weighing machine so we can earn our living.
He was providing a service . He is earning Halal. And then I thought of people taking bribe.
No one was compelled to weigh he was not even making a call for his business. Yet we see Brands trying to sale their stuff no matter you need it or not. well it is Halal what they earn but the way they advertise I am not sure it is.
And Mudasir , thank you for teaching me a lesson.
Allah gives you Rizq , He gave the eyes and we read books, then after being a doc we believe it is our salary , Our Clinic, Our Hospital and Our Business.
we forget Allah almost and then find ourselves fighting for higher service structure, does Mudasir has a service structure. I agree he is not as educated as we are, he lacks a lot of things and one of them is eyes.
I say thanks to Allah for giving me eyes and then giving me Rizq and then I utter the words Mudasir told me when I asked him how much you earn.
“Shukar he Allah ka”