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Fast withuout Sehri

24 hour old food. 🤔 how ?
Yesterday I ordered sehri and he came 30 sec before sehri, so It was in front of me and I couldn’t eat.

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Feel of Hunger

Today I am experimenting how it feels when u have nothing to eat. I didn’t prepare anything for Iftar it is 5 min left and I found them in a drawer as a homeless person might find something in a dustbin while finding something else,
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Walk with fast in Ramdan

Last 6 days, I was walking 2 to 3 km per day with fasting. I was active and working. It never happened to me that I am fasting. Today I have free time and my brain keeps on telling me ur stomach is empty. A lot of people decrease their working hours or be relaxed in their tasks because of Ramadan. I have seen many students study less in Ramadan. Other people leave fasting for work. I wonder if we stayed busy during fasting and see what happens?