Street Wound Dressing near King Edward Medical University

Yesterday when It was time to leave for home , Near Main Gate of KEMU there were two people sitting.

One was having some big wounds on his leg and the other was dressing him with Mobil Oil and A dirty cloth.

The Medical Students passing by, had two Options.

1. Come out of their captivated busy life of Tests and convince them to go inside Mayo which was no more than 100 meters way, It was going to take 5 minutes because they really think it works.

2. Stay captivated in their busy life and ignore it.

I am of the believe that most of Students will go for the first option. and it is really the right one to go for, It is not about treating patients who come to you. When you become a doctor, it is about caring for humanity.

As our teacher Sir. Tayyab Qureshi – The Legend [Original] Used to say

“Pakistan main to Rickshawon main bachae peda ho rhae hain, to jab ap medical student bnain blkae abhi sae be prepared to help those people. ” and that was funnily true (If you watch news channels)

Those who think they would have gone for the second option I will say start caring about people because then you will see the real beauty of your profession.

So what I did in that situation. what was the right thing to do?… that’s what I did …

Dr Waqar Akram
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