Religion Simplified

Our religion is very simple, lets see How simple our religion is

Allah created Adam (A.S) and Hawa (A.S), i.e he created Humans and there was Shatan who said I am better than your creation.

Allah said go away from me , and he demanded some privileges, Allah gave him that . And he gave the Order I am going to fill the Jahanum with you and the ones who followed you.

Allah gave Humans Orders, and Shatan wants them to disobey Allah,

First Order of Allah was very simple one and that was “don’t go near this tree” and Shatan made Adam and Hawa (A.S) eat its fruit.

They were messenger and Allah forgave them, You would be wondering I was going to tell you about Religion ? I am telling you the religion

don’t know how many thousand years have passed since this incident but Religion has already been described in it let me show you

Humans increased in number, Allah’s “Orders” became more and more clearer and definite one’s came at the end.

Shatan’s Army increased and he was given the power to appoint a personal Shatan for every Human except those following Allah’s All Orders wouldn’t be affected by Shatan.

Now I want you to ask some questions, where Human stand in this ,

Concentrate the word “All Orders” in last paragraph

Do we know “All Orders” of Allah ? Why I am concentrating on word “All”.

Because me and you if not following one order of Allah, it is disobeying Allah.

And following is one thing, I asked you “Do we know All Orders of Allah ?”

The answer is in your heart, now do you have the urge to know the orders of Allah, is it simple as this Surah Nehal , verse 90

” Indeed, Allah orders justice and Ihsan and giving to relatives and forbids immorality, sin and oppression.” 

Now where is Namaz ? where is Soam ? where is Haj ?

Justice and Ihsan includes the whole religion , and where are all the sins, theft , zina, ribwa ? immorality, sin and oppression includes all of it.

do you remember what Allah said to shatan Surah Al araf verse 18

“Whoever follows you among them – I will surely fill Hell with you, all together.”

Let me define religion now,

“Following ‘All Orders’ of Allah in a way that it Pleases Allah while doing justice and Ihsan in it and saving your self from immorality, sin and oppression.”

I am sorry for repeating my self too much , think of me as a fool repeating it to himself “All Orders of Allah”

May Allah give us an easy accounting because if justice starts every Order will be accounted.

Now this shouldn’t take away the very idea of religion from me and you…

Know All Orders of Allah and follow All Orders of Allah.

The incident described in the begging can be read in Quran 7 : 11-30

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