My Painful Experience of Pakistan Health System

4 days back I had sever acute abdominal pain, and went to Mayo emergency wearing whatever shalwar qameez I woke up in,
I was alone I told a PGR that I am kemcolian and told my problem, He gave me IV medicines. After getting those IV medicines I went to a nurse. I didn’t tell them I am doctor, They sent me to another bay and then those nurses sent me to another bay despite beds being available.
Finally I told I am doctor and was given IV infusion. However my pain didn’t settle so a kind doctor gave me sedatives. When I was sleeping, shift changed and next doctors came, they asked a guard to wake me up, and ask me to leave, at that moment there were only 2 patients and 5 beds were empty.
Again I didn’t tell that I am a doctor, however I said that doctors of previous shift gave me sedatives, and told me to wait for investigations to come. However those doctors called that guard again 3 times every 30 min to empty the bed. All that time still there were many empty beds available .
Then I finally told them I am a doctor.
To be continued
Dr Waqar Akram
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