My Father’ Personality

My Father is simple person who loves his family a lot. This is him voluntarily cooking on eid for us. He cooked food for me whenever my mother fell ill, even for days.

He stayed away from us alone for 5 years when I was fulfilling my dreams at KEMU with my mother and brother both in Lahore. I love my father ❤
I want to give a message to a few people in my village and father’s friend circle. 🙏 Please stop influencing him, Please stop making him away from his son. No one can live if their parents are not happy. Your small talk has caused so much pain to me and my family. You looking for your personal financial benefits and not letting my father rest is also causing his health to deteriorate. I request humbly to all people who came in my father’s life to get selfish benefits. Please leave him alone and let him rest now , He has worked hard enough whole his life for us. 🙁 Thank u
Dr Waqar Akram
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