More insights of Pakistan Health system.

This is 2nd part of my experience in Mayo emergency. Here are some good things I realized
1. It is free which is a really good thing.

2. Some Doctors and nurses manage a lot of patients to their full capacity

3. Some doctors were very professional in their behaviour.
4. One doctor guided me correctly at evening about course of action of my treatment.
However there is a lot to improve in terms of clinicl knowledge, team work and Professionalism. Every Hospital is a spectrum and combination of great professional people and people who come for attendance. May are somewhere in between. I often say we are good doctors however we can do better.
If seniors will come on time and leave on time, lead by example then juniors will have no option but to do the same. If we greet people with smile they will understand us much more. I know it is a tough setting to work in but our smileless faces make it even tougher.
Dr Waqar Akram
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