Love with Quran

Over the last 2 years I was wrong about him? In 2013 I was inclined toward Quran then I started watching his videos, It changed my life. It made me absolutely be in love with Islam and Holy Quran.

In 2017 I wasn’t in good shape religiously and then his controversy happened and that was like the last stone. I stopped watching all of his content and started hating him that led me to the present worst condition. 2 take aways from this

1. Your Pre conditioning matters when u react to anything u see. So pre condition urself by daily reciting of Quran, Namaz, Fasting before going online to watch Islamic content.
2. When u see something wrong in others don’t be the judge, the jury and executioner. People do sins and that is very bad however u should never hate a person for his sins. Weather that be your neighbor or a religious scholar.
Dr Waqar Akram
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