How little that was

how little that was

A few days back I wrote about the incident on K.e main gate, This time it is about The Buses gate and it is a bit interesting, There is a 20 year old man selling chips in fornt of it , A few days back I saw him and his arm was a bit pale and a little bit swollen, He was heating his arm over the hot oil,

I went to him and asked what are you doing? He said very hot tea fell on his arm and someone has told him to heat it like this,

I said just put your hand on the ice, he is standing there and looking at me, I said again

I am a medical student , put your hand on ice and it will help ,

He did that , after that I went away. The very next day I was passing from there, stopped, bought some chips from him and asked how is your hand?

He said “I put it on ice for some time and then whenever felt pain I use the ice again, It is perfectly ok now, the swelling is gone, and the pain as well.” while telling me this, there was a smile on his face, He was happy, and somehow his smile spreads on my face and his happiness made me happy.

How little that was, just one minute and a few helping sentences and it became a source of my happiness on the very next day.

When you help someone, ultimately it is going to be a source of your happiness. Can you help thousands of people?
Is it impossible??? No, it is not? , You will not have to invent something to achieve this.

Start helping people whenever you find one, Look around and every day you will find more people whom you can help and mostly with your words. Every day one entry in your data (The Book Angles write) and at the end of your life there would be thousands of such entries.

Dr Waqar Akram
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