How can I manage time for deen and dunya?

A brother asked this question

Question: Assalam o Alaikum Brother how can i manage time that i give it to deen and dunya? I am an undergrad student of Computer science?I am following your page from past year and Masha Allah you had great experience of time management.That is why i contacted you?Any tips?

Topic : Managing time for Deen and Dunya

Walaikum Salam Brother,

First of all praise to Allah who is the most merciful and most kind. we worship only Allah (SWT) and to him all of us will return. whatever written which is right is only because of Allah’s blessing and any mistake or error is mine.

I think it is a very important Question that you have asked, almost everyone of us wants to work for deen and dunya. However what happens is we find ourselves indulged in dunya so much that we are not able to satisfy our inner desire to work for deen. After sometime shatan makes us forget the good intention to work for deen.

Importance of Deen and Dunya

First thing is to realize the importance of both deen and dunya. There are various ways to Allah has given us our life and Allah has given us options about what we want to do in our lives, like to be a doctor, engineer, nurse, teacher, student, scholar etc. Allah wants us to be good doctors, good engineers, good teachers. Allah doesn’t want us to be incompetent on doing our duties of dunya. Instead Allah wants us to progress in dunya as He taught us to pray for dunya. Now let’s move to what is importance of deen, and then we will see things combined.

Allah has given immense importance to implement his deen in our lives. Allah wants us to implement deen in our own lives and then wants us to take his message to others as well. This is the real definition of success. as Allah (SWT) says in Surah Asar

By time, Indeed, mankind is in loss, Except for those who have believed and done righteous deeds and advised each other to truth and advised each other to patience. (Surah Asar)

So Allah has given importance to both things, However if you see Allah has clearly said that we (mankind) is in loss and only if we do four things mentioned above, only then we will be able to save ourselves from loss.

Change 1: Make dunya a part of your deen

These days, what everyone is thinking is that there is deen and there is dunya. we have to give a little time to deen as we give time to our dunya.

This is not the reality my brother, The full is Deen and dunya is part of it, and I will show you how we can make dunya a part of our deen. Success of dunya matters only if it comes as a part of Success of deen.

For example, A person is doing business, and he is actually giving all his time to his business and then occasionally he says Salah (nauzubillah).  So what he is doing is, He is thinking this Business is dunya, I have to work for it and he limits time he gives to Salah.

Now if he changes his mindset and thinks that Business (Dunya) is part of his Deen. So there is no importance of having success in business if he is not successful in Deen, There is no point of having a business if it is against the teachings of Islam, There is no point of being rich, if your success in Deen is compromised.

If you start thinking, Deen is actually the whole thing and dunya is actually a part of it. Only then you will be able to channel your time, energy toward the right purpose and real success.

Change 2: Start the basics immediately

whenever we want to work for deen, we have to start the basics immediately, if not already doing. Start saying your prayers, start reading Holy Quran with translation. This the most fundamental thing that should I always be there, throughout your journey of real Success.

Change 3: Give Big Charity

In my view, giving charity is one of the great ways to feel humble. Giving zakat is farz that is 2.5% of your savings, by charity  I mean giving as much as possible, for example Giving more than 20% of your savings in Charity. It decreases the love of money in us. It tells us that it is ok, if you give part of your dunya to someone else that is fine, you can still live without it. You can still be happy without dunya as the real happiness, the real success is not dunya, it is Deen for which you have gave away your dunya and lastly you have to repeat this many times. If you are thinking 20% is a lot actually, let me tell you that you are still keeping 80% which is actually quite a big share.

Change 4: Limit your activities

There are many activities that you can leave when you start thinking, dunya as part of your deen. Listening to songs and watching Hollywood movies, all this stuff is not necessary. Firstly they make your deen success to go down and secondly they take your precious time.

Enjoyment is must Start some good activities, go on a walk see around the world, go swimming, play sports. However do them in a time limit, so that they don’t affect the larger purpose of your life.

what is important?

Change 5 : Realize that Allah has given you the choice

It happens many times that we are busy doing a work and azan starts. now we have a choice either to go for Namaz, or say our prayers later. No matter wherever you are, whatever you are doing? At the end of the day it is your choice and a decision should come from inside you where you want to spend your time. So I will end with this, You who read the whole article.

Have you said your last prayers? You want to say it now ? or you want to leave it pending ?

Choice is yours !!

May Allah help us make right choices. Ameen


Dr Waqar Akram
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