Your Friend is in a battle with Shatan

You will find people doing small sins and you will find people avoiding even the minor sins. Let me straight come to point, Please don’t ever make anyone commit a small sin because it might not be lethal for you but it can be lethal for others. let me tell you how?

Every person is different in terms of physical appearance, intelligence, character, etc we all know this and we all accept it. Every person is different in his virtue and sins.

The same way every person is different in the kind of battle he is having with devil, for some people devil is happy with them doing just minor sins because they do it everyday. For others devil is finding a way to damage them big time, because he is very angry with those who follow or are trying to follow the right path.


When involve someone else in a small sin, shatan captures that opportunity and starts his waswas to damage the other person big time.

Example : You might be OK with saying prayers at home and it doesn’t affect you much in terms of other deeds, but if you hangout with friends and say to someone else, it is OK you can say salah at home, after we are done with this work. This might give Shatan an opportunity to make him commit more sins. There are many more examples of these kinds of acts if you think a little bit about this,

Final words please help others to be better, or at least don’t promote minor sins in your friends. Always remember all of us have different kind of battle with shatan and a simple act might make someone else lose that battle.

Jaza k Allah

Dr Waqar Akram
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