Family effects

When you have a family, the fundamental difference is that your purposes, meaning of happiness, goals all change completely.

This small difference creates big structural, economical, technological gaps between the West and Eastern societies.Young people who are single are more likely to take risks, create businesses, aim higher or devote their life to research and invention. This contributes a lot to the economy of such a society. However, at a personal level having a family creates the feelings of fulfillment, social bonding, which is crucial for individual happiness.
Substantial research is needed to find an optimal solution for this paradox. Though individual freedom will still be exercised but we should educate people and let them make informed choices. Another possibility is to educate people about what lacks in their choice and how to fulfill the gap.
Families can have mutual goals and give more active attention to maintaining the high aspirations they once had when they were single. These little things have huge impacts on prosperity of a nation than many other short term policies.
Dr Waqar Akram
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