Abdul Rehman

I was leaving mosque after Zuhar. He was standing right in middle of mosque, near the cabin door so Everyone leaving has to pass by him. He was shaking hands with everyone, with a cute smile on his face. I shook hands with Abdul Rehman.

I asked him to pray for me and then we sat down , I started narrating and Abdul Rehman prayed with me

” Al Hamdolilah , wa salat wo salam o Ala rasool lilah ,

Ya Allah waqar pr reham farma, Ya Allah abdul Rehman per rahm farma , Ya Allah waqar ko Halal ata farma , or Haram se bachnain ki Taqat ata farma ,Masjid from Inside

Al Huma Salaleha ala rasool ul Allah wa salat a salam o ala Ashab e Ajmain ”

The prayer ends , La ilha Ill Allah, Muhammad ar Rasool lil Allah, Abdul Rehman asked me with all his innocence, “Ap ko kia hua he , ?

I replied him with a smile “Main bht takleef main hun is liae ap se dua krwai

That 5 year old was doing something exemplary. He was spreading smiles, Helping a stranger who asked for help. He gave me what I want the most, Prayers. How rich his heart was at the age of 5. How lucky the parents are to have a such a wonderful kid, Happy in Allah’s house and then spreading smiles in it.

And here are Grown ups, very reluctant to go in the Masjid or to even say prayers, busy in their own worries, in preparing a test or earning some extra rupees.

We should do Dawah first in our heart, then to our family and then to our friends. More people saying their prayers around us lesser the chance to miss ours.

And the smiles, I think we should spread smiles, particularly in kids. When I left the mosque Abdul Rehman was watching me, waving his hand with a beautiful smile on his face and same on mine.

May Allah grows him up to be the best of His servant.

Dr Waqar Akram
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